About Us

NO MORE - The zero waste brand.

Our brand is a sincere attempt to keep perfectly good materials out of the landfills. NO MORE explores dead-stock and reclaims rejected/discarded fabrics as the central tenet in its experimental designs. There are perfectly good fabrics that get left over from production runs or materials now at the end of their lifecycle, so NO MORE gives reclaimed materials a fresh lease at life through one-of-its-kind bags and accessories.

Embarking on a unique journey, we upcycle pre and post-consumer waste from various industries, including garments, accessories, automobiles, billboards, cement covers, upholstery, safety harnesses, all kinds of home furnishings and more.

In our world, conscious is never dull and every product is a consistently surprising curation of details— where each panel has its own origin story, each finished accessory its own statement.

Unlike other brands, our design process starts only after we get the discarded materials in-house. We make rejects work, so that every product stands apart and access to each one remains exclusive.

Fast fashion giants exploit impulse, when what we need is mindful insight. In a world where overconsumption, overproduction and a never-ending quest for chasing the next trend is burdening the planet, we want to draw a line which asks you to consider the fact that there is plenty that already exists.

As a principle, we make only one piece of each NO MORE product, ensuring that once you make a purchase, you own the only piece on this planet – Just as no two people are the same,  why should their choices be?

Circularity is at our core which is why we offer lifetime repairs and a buyback assurance. Explore our commitment to circular fashion through the NO MORE EXTENDED page.

That’s not all. At NO MORE, we leave no dry waste behind. Our workshop ensures that even the smallest of fabric and zip cuttings, pattern paper cuttings and any foam remnants find a purpose. We have been collecting them from day one of operations and whenever a mini-landfill in the corner is formed, we transform the waste into cozy dog beds for our furry friends in shelters and on the streets.

NO MORE is not a war cry about sustainability because it’s trendy, but a conscious step that drives a community towards better fashion choices.

We want to steer clear of greenwashing out there and sustainability that is just surface level. Being truly ethical doesn’t have to be a boring endeavour, and keeping this in mind we want to create a fashion forward expression in the market with pieces that are authentically upcycled and stylishly one-of-a-kind.

Ours is a call to purchase purposefully in a sea of options and say NO MORE to more.