No More Extended

Lifetime Repairs

At NO MORE, our philosophy centers around the creation of durable products designed to stand the test of time. Should your product require repairs, we provide a lifetime repair service at no additional cost. It's important to note that intentional damage, such as burning or tearing the item to pieces, will not be entertained. The only expense you will incur is the shipping cost to send the item to us for repairs. Rest assured, there are no time limitations for repairs, and we will make every effort to restore your product as promptly as we can.

We believe that this policy exemplifies our dedication to delivering high-quality and sustainable solutions. If you have any inquiries or apprehensions, please feel free to contact us without hesitation.

Assured Buyback Program

We provide a guaranteed trade-in option for all NO MORE products one year after purchase. Simply send us your cherished NO MORE product, and in return, we will provide you with a 25% discount voucher that can be used on our website.

The item you send us will be refurbished or repurposed and then resold under the Reloved category. At NO MORE, we strongly believe in achieving complete circularity by giving our products multiple repurposed lives.

Please note that the Reloved category is currently inactive. We encourage you to revisit this section in a few months when we would have detailed the entire process for participating in the buyback program.