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Keep all your necessities organised and handy with this one-of-a-kind drawstring bag. Featuring front and back pockets, you can pack all your essentials with you. The zipper slip pockets on the inside have ample space for all your belongings.

  • Dimensions: 15.5 X 13.5 X 0.5
  • Volume: 2L
  • Lining: Cotton
  • Primary Material: Recycled Polyester

Over 95% of the raw materials used to make and ship PNP 145.2 consist of perfectly good leftover, rejected, or discarded materials from
large factories that would have otherwise made their way to landfills, eventually destroying our planet.

Material Rescue Details:

  • Primary body fabric and inner lining – Upcycled polyester from the excess stock warehouse of
    an accessories manufacturing company.
  • Woolen fusing reinforcement - Rescued from the same harness manufacturing company from
    where we also sourced bits and pieces of safety harnesses which have been used as webbing across some of our bags.
  • Webbing 1 inch - Differently-sized cut pieces that were about to be sent to the landfills
  • Zip – Leftovers from production runs across various factories
  • Pullers, Cord – Small, mismatched lots lying in various corners of manufacturing companies
    across India
  • Thread – Leftover thread cones from garment/travel bags/ accessories manufacturers

Fresh Materials:

  • Fusing

We use remnant materials that are made to last and don't require regular washes. We recommend that you opt for spot clean only.